PC3D in its latest official release is now available for free download by clicking the link on this webpage!*

PC3D is an open-source numerical analysis program for simulating the internal operation of silicon solar cells. It uses Excel to provide a familiar, easy-to-use interface for specifying parameters and exploring the solution space. It is ideal for those seeking to obtain a better understanding of solar cell physics but having limited time to learn a new program.

PC3S is a companion program that you can use to calculate the surface parameters needed for PC3D based on the 3D surface texture, doping profile, surface recombination velocity, and optical surface coatings. The key outputs are the recombination rate parameters, sheet resistance, and spectral transmittance.

PC1D in its last official release (2006, version 5.9) is also available for download from this webpage.

Advanced users may wish to explore the related simulation programs from PV Lighthouse: www.pvlighthouse.com.au. For extensive device optimization studies, consider using Quokka3, which is faster and capable of modeling more complex device structures.

To receive notices of PC3D and PC3S updates, click on this link to send an email request, which must have NOTIFY in the subject line. Questions, suggestions, and bug reports are also welcome!

*If you are unable to download due to firewall restrictions, get files as email attachments by sending your request to: info@pc3d.info.