Some key publications related to PC1D, PC2D, and PC3D are provided below on this webpage for reference. These papers are as-accepted versions. See the journal website to obtain the as-published version. If your firewall prevents downloading these papers, try downloading them from www.pvspecialist.info.

PC2D in its last official release (2019, version 4.2) is provided for historical reference only (no longer supported).

PC3D Version History

v1.3 Oct 2019 Initial public release.

v1.4 Nov 2019 Insertion of a low-pass filter for the sine-function terms of the spatial derivatives to reduce nose (ringing). Initialize Gamma and Psi throughout entire device to give initial quasi-Fermi separation equal to the applied voltage. Renamed "Depth" dimension as "Height" to reduce confusion. Aesthetic improvements. No impact on computed I-V or spectral results.

v1.5 Dec 2019 Added internal models for temperature and doping effects. Implemented parabolic (rather than linear) interpolation of tabular spectral data. Enabled ability to save and close the workbook from any sheet (not just from the Dashboard).

V1.6 Jan 2020 Added a fully-coupled surface refinement step to improve accuracy of computed surface currents. This allowed the coarse Jacobian grid to be reduced from 5x5 to 3x3 elements and the convergence criteria to be reformulated, thereby doubling the solution speed for 3D problems.

v1.7 Apr 2020 Added models for a two-diode fit to the IV data and for free energy loss analysis (FELA). Made corrections to the ElectroThermal plot so that it matches the free energy loss analysis.